In late November Shane, Jane, Kate and myself from Chapel Tattoo here in Melbourne flew to New Zealand for the Auckland International Tattoo Convention. We had a great time and here are the photos to prove it! I have loads more so expect round 2 in a few days...
Kate doing some Andrew McLeod (from Chapel as well) flash
What is commonly known as Meyers park. But for some pointless reason became 'rapey as fuck' on that weekend...
Penthouse C-Low

Kate tattooing Capili
At the Stray hearts show, thanks girls you were amazing!
Luke and Maddy enjoying some long awaited dinner
Can Tong in Kingsland. Such good food
Thanks for the HUGE peonies Georgie - that is a champagne bucket they are sitting in.
Kate and William (known as Wiremu when he is in NZ)
Georgie's antique double headed fox stole.
Georgie and Odessa reading books.
Olive with her mini me.

Lucky and Jane at the airport.
Waiting for check in....

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