I was invited to contribute a painting to an Exhibition called
VIS DEARUM - An all female Goddesses group show.
It will be held from May 2nd - May 27th at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, Italy. www.mondobizzarrogallery.com
Other artists include~

Stephanie Tamez (USA)

Cecilia Granata (Italy)

Horiren (Japan)

Claudia De Sabe (UK)

Deborah Necci (Italy)

Titine Leu (Switzerland)

Viola Von Hell (Italy)

Genziana (Italy/World)

Miss Arianna (Italy)

Maria Roca (Spain/Italy)

Angelique Houtkamp (Holland)

Morg (Italy)

Anita Rossi (Italy)

Tiziana Sawyer (Holland/USA)

Jo Harrison (UK)

Chantale Coady (UK)

Louise Schiffmacher (Holland)

Morrison Schiffmacher (Holland)

We were all assigned a Goddess - mine is Kali. The title is 'Truth" It will be for sale (price to be confirmed).

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