I Just found a bunch of photos that I took in May 2010 for an exhibition called Extraordinary.  To help celebrate the release of their DP2 unit - Sigma Cameras chose a bunch of Australian based artists.  We were given a camera for a few days and had to fill up a memory stick - We were asked to take pictures of everyday objects - no flash, or image editing, just the images as they were taken (obviously I have watermarked them since, but no other editing was done).  I photographed stuff in my room at Chapel Tattoo and a few other random ornaments from home....

This was the picture chosen for the show.  Pearls and lady- head vase both form the 1950's.

Here are a few others that I forgot about from the rest that I gave them...
    Jesus and an Ave Maria hollow face illusion (is actually concave but appears convex in the right light). 

A marble statue of Edith Cavell made in the 1940's.

An Antique Devil's head (string holder, they told me when I bought it??) and a brass Vesta - corset with flip-top boobs.
Another antique vesta - silver and garnet wolf's head.

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