Hi - just a note about my waiting list and making appointments.  I am currently going through the process of wrapping up my appointments in Melbourne.  It is not definite when I am leaving, but I am not currently taking on anything new until I get on top of the current work I am trying to finish. 

 I am really sorry to people who have been waiting on my list and haven't heard anything.  Once I get on top of everything I will send out some emails, and there will still be a chance to get in while I am in Australia.

  Also to people who have put off getting their tattoos finished or cancelled/failed to make enough appointments - I have tried to keep everyone informed over the last year that my time in Melbourne is limited and they need to commit to regular appointments.  Everyone who has had work started all had equal opportunity to book as many as they needed, Im sorry if you missed out, but someone else wanted it more than you!

Watch this space and hopefully next month Ill have some more concrete info on my time in Melbourne!
thanks x

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  1. Hi Rose,
    Damn I was really looking forward to trying to get a piece done with you in the future. May I ask where you will be relocating to?