Christmas Print and booking info!

Hi Everyone,  I am not very good at updating this blog!  the best way to follow my work is on Instagram - rosehardy or follow my Facebook page.

For christmas I have released this print -  and will be taking orders until Dec 5th.  Please email rose hardy@gmail.com.  I do not handle any tattoo questions through this email so any enquires can be directed to Kings Avenue Tattoo NYC.
This print in 11x16" and is USD$50 plus postage.  This painting was shown at the 'Time - Tattoo Art Now Exhibition at Londons Sommerset House for the 10th anniversary London Tattoo Convention celebration.


Booking in at Kings Avenue NYC

Hi everyone, as of April 2014 I'm excited to announce that I will be booking my first block of appointments at Kings Avenue Tattoo In New York City.  All enquiries to make appointments please contact them directly-

Long Island
844 N. Broadway
Massapequa, NY 11758
Monday-Saturday from 12-9
Sundays 12-6
188 Bowery, Floor 2
New York, NY 10012
Monday-Saturday from 12-9
Sunday 1-7


In mid October I will be having an exhibition at Outre Gallery - www.outregallery.com
Everything will be for sale on opening night.  For people overseas or who cant make it on opening night, you can contact the gallery and they will let you know how to go about a purchase.


Hi - just a note about my waiting list and making appointments.  I am currently going through the process of wrapping up my appointments in Melbourne.  It is not definite when I am leaving, but I am not currently taking on anything new until I get on top of the current work I am trying to finish. 

 I am really sorry to people who have been waiting on my list and haven't heard anything.  Once I get on top of everything I will send out some emails, and there will still be a chance to get in while I am in Australia.

  Also to people who have put off getting their tattoos finished or cancelled/failed to make enough appointments - I have tried to keep everyone informed over the last year that my time in Melbourne is limited and they need to commit to regular appointments.  Everyone who has had work started all had equal opportunity to book as many as they needed, Im sorry if you missed out, but someone else wanted it more than you!

Watch this space and hopefully next month Ill have some more concrete info on my time in Melbourne!
thanks x


It's been a while as usual!! Here's a few from the last few months. If u want to see new things I'm doing every few days, follow me on Instagram - search rose hardy. Thanks!


WHOOPS!  no updates in 6 months,  if you want to see my work on a weekly basis please follow me on instagram -search rosehardy.



Here are a few from the last couple of months.  I have also updated the consultation for (in the 'make an appointment' section).  Just an update on the waiting list time - now approx 6-8 months.  thanks!



I Just found a bunch of photos that I took in May 2010 for an exhibition called Extraordinary.  To help celebrate the release of their DP2 unit - Sigma Cameras chose a bunch of Australian based artists.  We were given a camera for a few days and had to fill up a memory stick - We were asked to take pictures of everyday objects - no flash, or image editing, just the images as they were taken (obviously I have watermarked them since, but no other editing was done).  I photographed stuff in my room at Chapel Tattoo and a few other random ornaments from home....

This was the picture chosen for the show.  Pearls and lady- head vase both form the 1950's.

Here are a few others that I forgot about from the rest that I gave them...
    Jesus and an Ave Maria hollow face illusion (is actually concave but appears convex in the right light). 

A marble statue of Edith Cavell made in the 1940's.

An Antique Devil's head (string holder, they told me when I bought it??) and a brass Vesta - corset with flip-top boobs.
Another antique vesta - silver and garnet wolf's head.


 One more session on Richard, then on to his ribs and front...

Thanks for your emails, but my spaces are all gone for London.  Im pretty slack at uploading my new work (or updating at all!).  So if you are on instagram, follow me for updates every few days.  username - RoseHardy.  Thanks!


I did the second session on Richards back yesterday.  2 more and it will hopefully be done.


Aileen's owl finished today...


I did this Painting (Afterglow) in 2011 and finally prints will be available at the Rites of Passage Convention ( it is held in Melbourne at The Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens). They will be on show and for sale at the Outre Gallery Exhibition. It runs from 27th-29th April. After that they will be available through Outre Gallery on Elizabeth St Melbourne and on their website.
www.ritesofpassagefestival.com www.outregallery.com


I was invited to contribute a painting to an Exhibition called
VIS DEARUM - An all female Goddesses group show.
It will be held from May 2nd - May 27th at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, Italy. www.mondobizzarrogallery.com
Other artists include~

Stephanie Tamez (USA)

Cecilia Granata (Italy)

Horiren (Japan)

Claudia De Sabe (UK)

Deborah Necci (Italy)

Titine Leu (Switzerland)

Viola Von Hell (Italy)

Genziana (Italy/World)

Miss Arianna (Italy)

Maria Roca (Spain/Italy)

Angelique Houtkamp (Holland)

Morg (Italy)

Anita Rossi (Italy)

Tiziana Sawyer (Holland/USA)

Jo Harrison (UK)

Chantale Coady (UK)

Louise Schiffmacher (Holland)

Morrison Schiffmacher (Holland)

We were all assigned a Goddess - mine is Kali. The title is 'Truth" It will be for sale (price to be confirmed).

A few tattoos from the last few months...


As usual I haven't updated in a while so here a few tattoos I did within the last month..

On Fiona's foot.
A flamenco dancer in Tim, still in progress.

I did this portrait on Mark, of his Mum (photo taken in 1969).


In late November Shane, Jane, Kate and myself from Chapel Tattoo here in Melbourne flew to New Zealand for the Auckland International Tattoo Convention. We had a great time and here are the photos to prove it! I have loads more so expect round 2 in a few days...
Kate doing some Andrew McLeod (from Chapel as well) flash
What is commonly known as Meyers park. But for some pointless reason became 'rapey as fuck' on that weekend...
Penthouse C-Low

Kate tattooing Capili
At the Stray hearts show, thanks girls you were amazing!
Luke and Maddy enjoying some long awaited dinner
Can Tong in Kingsland. Such good food
Thanks for the HUGE peonies Georgie - that is a champagne bucket they are sitting in.
Kate and William (known as Wiremu when he is in NZ)
Georgie's antique double headed fox stole.
Georgie and Odessa reading books.
Olive with her mini me.

Lucky and Jane at the airport.
Waiting for check in....